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Project Management

A wholly black-owned project management, engineering and development consultancy, was registered in 2005 with a view to enter the building and construction industry to provide a professional service as well as to provide the previously disadvantaged individuals and groups with a vehicle to facilitate economic and professional empowerment.

Planning & Architecture

It is the policy of BAGALE CONSULTING to form an integrated multi-disciplinary team with the most appropriate skills and expertise required for a particular project. In this way, each project can be efficiently and proficiently brought to a cost-effective and time-effective conclusion.

Road Projects

The firm has been involved with all aspects of road design and construction and is well equipped to successfully implement projects to the overall satisfaction of the client. We are in a position to do route determination, preliminary designs, geometric designs, tender documentation and construction supervision.

Housing Development and Management

The use of emerging contractors and labour-based construction was encouraged on-low cost housing schemes , we had to undertake quality control and construction supervision functions on several housing projects. Our firm has gained extensive experience and knowledge in the management and implementation of housing projects, including affordable housing developments.

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